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Yay, Spanish Health Care!

Jet Lag, Wow

Sep 14, 2014

I got married on Aug. 30, and the stud and I went to Barcelona for our honeymoon. This was the first time either of us had been to Europe.

(Yes, we are both middle-aged, and I understand this lack of international travel on both our parts is hard for a lot of you to understand, but guess what. We were poor or working like dogs, or most often both, for most of our adult lives. People under those conditions can't make international travel a "priority." So deal with it. Thank you.)

Anyway, jet lag. I had heard of this thing, and I'd experienced mild forms of it after jetting between the East or West Coast and St. Louis, where my kin reside. But holy salt cod - I was not prepared for the crushing "lag," more accurately called the Ugly Side of Time Travel, that I experienced both coming and going for this trip. 

For the first 3-4 days of the honeymoon, I felt as if I were walking through Jell-O. Trying to sleep on an 8-hour flight had not helped. My body was so kinked up from that, I actually made a special trip to a chiropractor in Barcelona, which is another story.

A whole round of my usual pesky but not serious ailments surfaced during this time, too, just to fuck with the fact that I was on my honeymoon. In a foreign city. Without access to my arsenal of health care providers, ranging from an acupuncturist to someone calling himself "the bone whisperer." (Yay, first-world problems!)

Then coming back, my body refused to shift back to the old time zone, since the new one had been so hard won. I had to resort to melatonin to stay asleep all night.

This is my elaborate way of saying that I have a newfound respect for all of you who travel regularly. My body was screaming that the whole thing is totally unnatural. I mean, WTF? We left Seattle at 11 am on Sunday and arrived in Barcelona at 11 am the following morning, after traveling for 12 hours. So wrong.

But on a happier, less whiny note, check out the contrail in the pic above!

This jet lag thing is not to say that the honeymoon wasn't still awesome. It really, really was. I wish I were still on it. I could have stayed another week. Or a lifetime.

BTW, if anyone has any tips for how to better deal with the side effects of Jet-Induced Time Travel, I'm all ears. We tried to reset our internal clocks by sleeping on the plane ride there and staying up on the return, but our body clocks weren't buying the ruse.

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