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Cat in the Flock - In the News!

First off, we have a book trailer:

Cat in the Flock Book Trailer
Cat in the Flock Book Trailer

 After working on video-game trailers for years with my partner developers at the day job, it was pretty cool to get to create one for my own book. Kudos to  Ben Dixon at RedFyve Design for making it happen, including mixing an original soundtrack for it.

 Also exciting: We got a nice write-up in a recent Seattle Weekly cover story. The story itself grew out of a pitch I made to Editor Nina Shapiro about established, career authors like me turning to self-publishing. The article on the whole is a sobering but balanced look at the publishing industry today, and my husband/business partner and I are pretty happy with how Shapiro captured us. 

 I've also had the good fortune to be the subject of two more author interviews.

 In an interview on Eat Sleep Write, I was asked whether any of my characters are based on people I know. "There's a bit of me in my main character, Cat, but not as much as most people will assume," I answered. "My characters tend to be hybrids of people I've known and what I imagine people can be. I can't pluck someone from real life and plop them down into a fictionalized world; it just doesn't work that way. The character Granny Grace, for example, was inspired by my husband's mother, who died in 2011. The book is dedicated to her. But she is not Granny Grace; the two women are very different. But I could imagine them being great friends."

And in an interview with Caravan Girl, I describe my typical day, which begins with a flashing-light alarm because I don't like being awakened by loud noises. As you probably know, I'm doing all of this around a day job, which is why I found myself writing on Thanksgiving day this year (it was so lovely and quiet!). I have very understanding family and friends for whom I am deeply grateful.

 As we head further into the holidays, I want to thank you for your support as a reader and champion of my work. You make it all worthwhile. 

#FridayPoetry: Noise

This is first in a series of poems I'll be posting on Fridays. 




Girls weren’t supposed to make noise, 

but I wanted to join the grade-school band. 


At Second-Hand Blues, 

my parents turned over price tags, 

steered me toward a pair 

of two-dollar drumsticks. 

I laid my hand on a snare’s taut skin,

pedal-beat a bass.

I came home with a practice pad— 

slant wooden board sheathed in rubber. 

I tapped the table instead, 

to hear the noise, feel 

the rhythm in my head. 


Go to your room, Mom said, 

but out I went, flam-tapping 

on mailboxes, drumrolling 

the porch railing. 


Mr. Silva told the boys 

to mark time like me. 

They had drum kits at home 

and wanted to be Tommy Lee. 

They’d switch grips on their sticks 

when Mr. Silva wasn’t looking, 

rush to solos, 

miss a beat. I felt 

the note they didn’t hit 

the silent