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Press for Cat in the Flock


Here's all the news that's fit to print about my debut novel, Cat in the Flock.


Frances Carden, writing for Readers Lane, gave it a "highly recommended" review, calling it a "unique and ambitious read that draws on the evil of humanity and its predilection for goodness." She picked up on my intension to evoke the cozy mystery style while lending it the quality of a page-turner. And seriously. This is the kind of review you wait your whole life for: "Cat in the Flock is sexy, fast-paced, thoroughly focused on in-depth sleuthing and investigation, and ultimately heart-rending," she writes. "The writing is tight and descriptive, the dialogue effortless and realistic, the situation poignant and eerily possible." Can I have this etched on my tombstone when I die?

Kirkus Reviews, notoriously tough on writers, and especially genre writers, praised the book, calling it "A mystery with an unusual twist and quirky settings; an enjoyable surprise for fans of the genre." They called attention to the majority of female characters, quoting my septuagenarian character of characters, Granny Grace.


I was included in this roundup of authors who cast female sleuths as their main protagonists. When asked whether I prefer male or female protagonists, I reply with "no preference. But I'm annoyed when women are only window dressing in a male sleuth's story line." 

Here's my Smashwords interview. But honestly, I worry that people only go to Smashwords to buy porn. My sales there have been dismal.

Many of you know I lived in St. Louis for a good chunk of my life, and Cat in the Flock is set partly in that area. My first CITF interview was for a St. Louis blogger/librarian, who asked me about the setting. I explain: "I had not initially planned on setting the bulk of the novel in St. Louis, but I must have had unfinished business there, as the writing took me back to it, much like St. Louis calls Cat back home for her unfinished business in Cat in the Flock." 

Anna Dobritt interviewed me for Eat Sleep Write, asking some great questions, such as "When choosing a name for your characters, what do you consider about them that determines what you finally call them?"

Australian blogger Rachel Rippon, aka Caravan Girl, asked, "When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?" The answer might surprise you. Or not. I mean, not if you know what a nerd I am.

The Infamous Seattle Weekly Cover Story

So one of the things I apparently do well is give tips to journalists who turn my ideas into cover stories. This has actually happened a number of times, most recently with this cover story expose on publishing with Amazon, which was totally my idea. But what everyone remembers most about it is the cover art. See for yourself.

 The Book Trailer

Yes, these are a thing. Here's mine:


 Reader Ratings

Woo-hoo, I have 22 Amazon reviews, trending at 4.2 out of 5. Highlights from the 5-stars:

  • David Ramirez II writes, "If you've ever had a dream so real as to be uncanny, or a sense of deja vu, you will enjoy Cat's dream scenes as well as Cat's relationship with her psychic mentor, Granny Grace. Cat's dreams are also the vivd flashpoints that drive the plot through to its thrilling conclusion."
  • "The contrast of the mystic and unconventional Seattle life she finds with her mentor, Granny Grace, and traditional religions founded in her Catholic upbringing and the fundamentalist church she infiltrates add a fascinating undertone to the mystery story," says Beth Poole.
  • Reviewer pwieder2 writes, "I am looking forward to a long relationship with Cat McCormick."
  • "Good story, gentle humor and overall an enjoyable read." - Mario Russo
  • Adam R. Dray: "The main character, Cat, is as strong a heroine as can be: a tough, occasionally sarcastic young woman who has amazing self-confidence and a sense of herself but still is trying to figure out exactly who she wants to be."
  • "My wife could NOT put this book down." - Eric E.
  • "Dreamslipping, what a cool idea." - Camille Carnahan

And that brings me to Goodreads, which has been good to me, too. There the book has 14 ratings, trending at 4 out of 5. Highlights from the ones I can see:

  • Elisa Mader, who also served as a proofreader on my final manuscript (she is terrific, by the way), writes, "I have immense respect for her storytelling talents, and this novel showcases her wit, imagination, and gift for building suspense."
  • "I don’t typically read mysteries but I loved, loved, loved Cat in the Flock..." - Deirdre Fagan
  • Christin writes, "Brunette' s aptitude as a writer jumps off the page and grabs your attention, making a well-known murder mystery formula anew: piecing solutions through dreams." This reader happens to be one of my favorite Facebook fans, incidentally.

A heartfelt thank you to all my wonderful, wonderful readers and supporters for this bounty. I'm truly grateful, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, such as "discoverability" and "monetization."

After all, I'm doing this for you. And because writing is the most fun I can have sitting down.