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'Framed and Burning' Virtual Book Tour: Rave Reviews and a Guest Post!


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The book tour is in full swing, and I'm happy to report not one, not two, but three rave reviews so far. Here's what the reviewers had to say:

"I've become a Lisa Brunette fan"

A number of reviewers praise this series for its page-turning quality although it has elements of a "cozy," such as the emphasis on family relationships. While character development for me is key, I pride myself on keeping a brisk plot, and that seems to be a recipe that is working for my readers. I've even picked up a new fan in Sherrey Meyer at Puddletown Reviews, who raved:

Lovers of mystery and suspense will find themselves devoting a cold, wintry day to reading Framed and Burning in one sitting. Toss in a cup of fantasy with the dreamslippers at work and you won’t be able to tear yourself away.

I am committed to going back to read Cat in the Flock, the first in the Dreamslippers Series, and I can say I’ve become a Lisa Brunette fan with this read. Read the Full Review

"Deeply intriguing"

The Book-o-Craze blogger gave Framed and Burning 4.5 stars and said she had an easy time diving into the second book in the Dreamslippers Series even though she hadn't read the first, which is nice to hear since I took great pains to make sure that was the case. She also said:

I loved the way the author narrated the story, right from the prologue. The description of the facts taking place in that fateful night at the studio were so delicate, even if a little graphic. Deeply intriguing right from the start! I definitely have to get my hands on the first novel of the series! Read the Full Review

"In my top 5 granny characters"

 LuAnn Braley over at Back Porchervations copped to a strong interest in the dreamslipping aspect of the book and sees herself in our hero Granny Grace, which is a great compliment. It's gratifying when a reader identifies with a character like this:

I love a good eccentric granny character and Grace is in my top 5 granny characters I've encountered this year.  Maybe even have things in common.  Grace looks younger than she is.  (Well, that one used to be true of me.)  I'm not sure about it anymore.  And I am old enough to be a grandmother.  And I'm definitely eccentric.... So I will be returning to the Dreamslippers world as long as Granny gets up to her hijinks.  We eccentrics need to stick together! Read the Full Review

Incidentally, Braley isn't the first to come to the conclusion that Grace looks younger than her 77 (in book one) and 78 (in book two) years. I actually never once say that's the case, so I think that because Grace is a magnet for men and both physically and romantically active, that people assume she must look younger than her years. But that's just our cultural bias talking. 

As part of the book tour, I was asked to write a guest blog post for one of the tour hosts. I decided to rock the mystery world by alleging that Framed and Burning is really about art. Read the Full Post

A couple of blogs created spotlights of the book as well, such as this one on the blog Indy Book Fairy and this one over at Hogwash.

Stay tuned for more on the tour, and happy holidays!