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'Framed and Burning' Was Nominated for a RONE Award - Please Vote for It to Win


Recently I was notified that my novel Framed and Burning has been nominated for the prestigious RONE award, which recognizes the best of indie and small press published books in 2015. There are three rounds to determine a winner: 1) selection by reviewers, which is how I was nominated, 2) votes by readers to choose finalists, and 3) of the finalists, judges select the winner. 

Number 2 there is where you come in. Voting kicks off tomorrow! Yes, that's right. Monday, May 16. You have just this week to enter your vote. The polls close Sunday, May 22.

How do you vote? Simple:

  • Go to this page.
  • Register for the web site. If you love books, you'll want to do this anyway, as InD'tale is a great resource. But don't worry; you can set your own notices, etc. 
  • Note that you'll get a confirmation email after registering, and once you click that link, then you can vote.
  • Find "Lisa Brunette - Framed and Burning" under the category for Mysteries on that page link I gave you earlier, and check the box next to it to enter your vote.

If you're new to the Dreamslippers Series, you can read more about Framed and Burning here and the first book in the series, Cat in the Flock, here.

According to the award hosts, here's what winning means:

We at InD’tale Magazine have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to create and present the most credible and prestigious award in the industry today. Our three-round system of elimination covers every facet - highly reviewed, loved by fans, and critiqued by qualified judges. No other award system today compares, making the RONE award the very highest of honors bestowed on a novel in the publishing industry.

So, yeah, this is a pretty big deal. Please take a few minutes to vote. And thank you for doing so!

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