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Small brag medallion transparent

Those of you with a copy of Cat in the Flock probably noticed this gold seal of approval on the cover. In the indie publishing world, the medallion is a tremendous honor, as it's given to only 10-15% of books submitted and marks a book of high quality and contribution. I've been on pins-and-needles since submitting Framed and Burning to the same scrutiny a few months ago, and I'm happy to report that it, too, will receive the medallion.

Yep, that means that both books in the Dreamslippers Series are indieBRAG honorees.

The medallions are awarded based on an initial screening and then review by a team of readers chosen from a global pool. Authors who submit their books have no guarantee of receiving a medallion, and whether chosen or not, they receive a "report card" showing how their book scored according to set criteria. You can read about the Book Readers Appreciation Group process here, and here's the honoree listing for Cat in the Flock


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