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Announcement: The Brunette Games Team


There are 3 of us now, and we cast loooong shadows.

As many of you know, I've been busier than a hive drone for quite a while now as a number of career opportunities surfaced for me all at the same time. The good news is, now I have help, in the form of two super-talented students I had the pleasure of teaching this past year when I served as visiting professor at Webster University.

Tamsen and Dexter were two of my best students, and I'm over-the-moon excited to see what they can do with real-life game projects. 

With the new recruits, I also took the opportunity to articulate our unique standing in the industry. Here's the new "What We Do" statement:

We are specialists in narrative games. 

The Brunette Games team is passionate about story, and we love our stories best when they are interactive, when the person experiencing the story is not doing so passively but actively, interactively, as part of the story. A player is different from a reader. Players can shape their own characters and make decisions that affect how the story goes—and how it ends. Players want to solve problems, complete challenges. They want to win.

We are wordsmiths with a nerdy bent for logic, poets with pocket protectors, storytellers who know better than to let text get in the way of the game. We play a lot of games and read a lot of books. We also read a lot of games and play some books. We’re a rare breed in this industry and in the world, and that’s part of why we’re in demand and growing. The other reason is because we’re very good at what we do—some say the best.

We have design and writing expertise in the following genres: 

  • Interactive and visual novels
  • Chat fiction
  • Choose-your-own-adventure stories
  • Hidden-object puzzle adventures
  • Narrative match-3 builders and puzzlers
  • Narrative resource management
  • Hybrids of any of the above
  • Retail and party games

While our current focus is on mobile games, we also have experience on console and PC titles.

And here's an introduction to the new team members. They'll be joining me here on the blog, too, so stay tuned!


Junior Writer/Designer Tamsen Reed is studying for the BA in Games and Game Design at Webster University, with plans to graduate in spring 2019. Through her course work, including Brunette’s classes in narrative design and world design, she has written video-game scripts and game text as well as scripts for TV/film and radio/podcasts. She’s currently developing her skills in visual scripting and 3D modeling.

Reed has a near-perfect GPA and has consistently made the Dean’s List. Prior to joining the team at Brunette Games, her real-world experience included office management, events coordination, and ticket management for Harbor Duck Adventures. 

Dexter Woltman headshot

Junior Writer/Designer Dexter Woltman is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Scriptwriting at Webster University. He also has a near-perfect GPA and ongoing standing on the Dean's List. Through his coursework, he has written scripts for television, film, newscasts, radio, commercials, and games, particularly through Brunette’s game design and narrative design courses. 

Woltman is also currently interning with Coolfire Studios and has had real-world experience with event coordinating, client dealings, and production development, especially through previous employment at REM SouthCentral Services and at Escape St. Louis, which provides in-person escape-room games.

Join me in welcoming them to the team!


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