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You might remember Cat in the Flock guest author Ernest White II from this piece posted back in March, "Will We Ever Get to Travel Again?" Or maybe you've seen him on TV. His "Fly Brother" travel docu-series has aired on both PBS and Create TV in the U.S. He's also host of the travel and culture-focused Fly Brother Radio Show, and he's a voice actor for our other business, Brunette Games. Now "Fly Brother" is headed into season two, and it promises to be every bit as fun and funky as the first season, judging by the trailer above, which had us all chairdancing here at the office.

Ernest has also launched a production company, Presidio Pictures, which centers narratives from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, and senior/elder communities, while providing worldwide audiences with enjoyable, empowering entertainment.

Cat in the Flock is a proud supporter of the "Fly Brother with Ernest White II" crowdfunding campaign via the Filmmakers Collaborative. We hope you'll check out Ernest's show, and please support the campaign to keep a great series going strong.


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