'Cat in the Flock' Named Top 'Scary Mystery Read' for Halloween
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'Cat in the Flock' Now a BooksShelf.com Editor's Choice Book of the Week!

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If you've ever thought to yourself, "There are just so many books, and so little time," you're not alone. That's the BooksShelf.com motto. A look through their wide range of offerings - everything from mystery to manatees - proves that we could all definitely use more time to read books. The BooksShelf.com team is a group of seven book lovers who work to promote authors and their books. And they've chosen Cat in the Flock as their Editor's Choice Book of the Week!


The BookShelf.com portal is a great place to discover new authors, or find out more about your favorite writers. I myself discovered a talented new author in Cam Lang, whose mystery novel The Concrete Vineyard is the latest addition to my Kindle library.

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And if you're a writer looking for a way to get noticed, BooksShelf.com is offering 50 percent off services now for the holidays.

All thanks to the BookShelf.com team for the Editor's Choice Book of the Week spotlight, and happy reading, everyone!